We often go through a swirl of thoughts. I have dozens of them which I note down during my travels, and I want to share a few of my favourites with you. Each of them is a recollection of certain instances of life.

  1. A trip in need is a trip indeed.
  2. Exploring the road not taken.
  3. A blissful morning helps me to think more, feel more, and write more.
  4. Memories are meant to be cherished forever.
  5. A serene combination of life and nature in blues.
  6. It depends on what you want to see from wherever you can.
  7. Every passage I pass, I seek you.

Every breeze that blows, I hear you.

Every moment I capture, I embrace you.

8. I tend to flow in the direction whichever you lead… I am your tributary.

9. Travel is Essential to Life… Make it happen.. Make it good.

10. Erosion is a chapter. I promise to handle you with love and care. Let us coexist peacefully till the book ends.

11. Even the smell of a burning cigarette reminds me of You.

12. First, it makes me speechless and then turns me into a storyteller…

That’s love for Love… That’s love for Travel.

13. Love, you taught me the glory of Solitude and depth of Life.

14. Calls herself a bird of passage soaring high towards her Dream.

15. Sometimes a ray of hope is all the sunshine we need…

16. Forbidden woods always seem to attract me more.

17. Let us chime together to the hymns of Nature.

18. This time river has become my favourite metaphor. I saw it flowing towards me, and then pass by with the perfect whisper of Life.

19. Someday, sometime, somewhere I am going to find you. And that moment would be worth capturing.

20. “Let it be.”

Too common a statement for any value.

Too arrogant a thought to create a disharmony.


“Let it be.”

Too strong an emotion to deal with pain.

Too beautiful a journey to make it worth travelling.

So just “Let it be”.

21. We explore more of our emotions when we travel.

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