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Travel is Essential to Life… Make it happen.. Make it good.

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Gokarna: A break worth taking

Gokarna, a worthy detour from the much commercialized Goa, has become the latest direction trending among the beach lovers. Popularly known as the temple town of Karnataka, Gokarna started gaining stupendous attention after the free-spirited hippies stepped into this place as their vacay spot. So, here’s how you can spend your time in this wonderland…

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Rishikesh without Rafting

Shivaya Namaha! Shivaya Namaha!.. is what I hear repeatedly. It is an effect of walking through a busy lane where they are playing these chants and melodies on Hindu deities…

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A day in my wonderland: Life in a typical Assamese village

Imagine a place where you could roam freely, discover new trails every single day, catch a fish, eat wild fruits, and roll in the mud without any care…

Kashi by the river Ganga
When Banaras Calls...

…So, I went to the city of the Gods, to my dream city, the city of my teenage love. With little knowledge about commutation and the routes of the place, I dared my first solo trip…

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My name is Parishmita Gogoi, and I belong to a historical town from Assam. It was after my graduation when I got inclined to the world of a Musafir. I believe in sensible traveling; therefore, I tend to learn as many new things and spread it among my readers. The Idyllic Musafir is the humble contribution from all my travel experiences, and I hope to inspire you with my travels to break the boundary of your comfort and explore the sphere around.  Today, I dedicate myself to every new journey that comes by. Come and join me on my Safarnama!

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